Healthy Good Morning Yoga Sequence

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This can be a 10-15 minute morning sequence designed to wake the body up and target the places that might need a little all

Life and additional space breathed into them after a night of slumber. I designed this to be a sequence that was flowing, enabling one

Present to stream into another. I encourage one to check it out such as this, or if that does’t work for you and you would rather finish

Just flow with it.

Malasana – Yogi Squat
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Separate your feet slightly farther apart, perhaps even as broad as your mat. Turn your toes out.knees and lower your hips down towards our planet. Bring your hands to prayer before your heart and let the elbows

to gradually direct the knees and thighs open, keeping span in the back. Engage mula bandha to experience a greater awareness

of lightness. Remain here for at least five complete breaths.

Repeat everything on the second side.
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Lower down onto your elbows and forearms with toes tucked. Keeping the hips in line with your knees and the shoulders away

Over your elbows, which ought to be no wider than shoulders space apart, pile your shoulders of the earth.

Back of the thighs pressing upwards towards the heavens, while directing the heart forwards and the heels back. Keep a powerful heart

Good Morning Yoga Sequence Hero Image
Tuck the rear toes under and whirl the left heel down so the heels are less or more in line. Pressing Engage both legs and contemplate piling
Falling everywhere. Open the left arm upwards towards the heavens, reaching out through the fingertips that are left.
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lower your left knee down to our planet. Put your hands together with your thigh that is right or reach up them to the heavens. Dampen

The pull on the low abdomen off of the thigh and tailbone down. Remain here for five breaths letting the heel that is right to

Draw the left hip and back to go forwards and down towards the heel that is right.

Good Morning Yoga Sequence Hero Image

Step your right foot in order that your right foot is closer to the right border of the mat.

Keep the left knee and press on up the thigh towards the heavens.

Press down into our planet with the hand that is left and open up the right arm towards the heavens. breaths.

Good Morning Yoga Sequence Hero Image
Keeping the arms quite powerful, crouch your
Knee and pile your right hip opening up the hip, groin and thigh.
Into our planet, being aware from splaying out sideways to keep that heel.
Good Morning Yoga Sequence Hero Image

With feet hip-distance apart, fold forward and put your hands on your own elbows. Bring your torso

Right open your torso to ensure that your left elbow points up toward the heavens and leg. Going lead with your left, like a sundial

Slowly and elbow come the right side up, reaching upwards at the top after which continue to lower the left side down, keeping the

Torso open and the shoulders down.

Good Morning Yoga Sequence Hero Image

Stand with your feet at the rear of your yoga mat attentively and together not your and bow forwards, hinging from your hips

low back. Reach your hands and interlace your fingers.
Press on your torso into and down keeping your neck.

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