Your Healthiest Facial Skin Care Routine Ever

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Too many people neglect their skin until it starts to show signs of problems, like over-drying or premature aging, only to go overboard with expensive products and treatments. Don’t neglect your skin ever, no matter what your age, and don’t over do it at the cosmetics counter, either. Here are seven healthy ways to have naturally beautiful skin.

1. Quench Your Skin

Since your skin is 70 percent water, it’s easy to understand how allowing your body to become dehydrated can affect your appearance. Opt for water over coffee (a diuretic, which takes water from you) or soda (filled with way too much sugar) and be sure to end up with around 8 full glasses by nightfall. Ask any supermodel what their number one rule is and they will tell you it’s to stay well hydrated.

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